Coffee & Tea

 Here you will find elegant coffee pots, coffee makers, Espresso coffee makers, tea pots, whistling kettles and thermos flasks for travelling all made and designed by the German company BergHoff.  There are coffee pots, coffee makers, tea pots and kettles all made with stylish Italian flair by the famous Casa Bugatti.  Tom’s Drag Collection is also featured with fantastic coffee and tea sets all exotically hand finished. 

You can find Tom’s Drag Collection of picture frames, tea light holders and fantastic table ornaments.  Deshoulieres offer their superb range of fine porcelain coffee and tea services complete with elegant sugar bowls and cream jugs.  The French company of Cristel offers a range of  stainless steel kettles, stainless steel tea pots, tea pots in various colours and even a gorgeous black Zen tea pot all guaranteed to bring style and quality to your home. 

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