Featured in our Décor Gift section we  have a huge selection of fabulous gifts from Lekue such as their Deco Mini-cake Garden sets, Lekue pudding moulds and bake ware, Berghoff Cubo 33-piece Barbeque set in case, Berghoff 6-piece set and various other Berghoff Barbeque sets, elegant trays from Bugatti, and even an electric wine opener. 

There is a Napoleon Prestige Infra-red Barbeque!  See the fabulous range from Tom’s Drag Collection of  Heart Boxes, the Royal Coffee and Tea pots and exotic tall sculptures.  Deshoulieres Isapha dinner crockery and Berghoff’s table flatware can be found, a Berghoff Oven Glove too.  Check out the various superb Ruffoni copperware from their Historia range, Box Opera range and 10 piece Opera sets.  Cristel cookware is also featured in this section. 

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