Candlestick Holders

We are very proud of our excellent selection of some of the world’s most beautiful candleholders and candelabras.  In this category there is something to suit everybody’s taste, ranging from the fabulously elegant Tom’s Drag candleholders; Borowski candleholders through to the sublimely sleek German company Fink’s Silver Candelholders. 

As you browse through our candleholders you will not fail to be delighted so feast your eyes on Tom’s Drag Candleholders (with chandelier crystal decorations); Single Candleholders, Candlestick Octopussy; Candlesticks (with gold shoes); Round Candlesticks; Acrobat Candlesticks (in various positions and various sizes); Tom’s Drag Tea Lights;  and Tom’s Drag Sergei in various sizes all are hand painted and hand finished, some eccentric and funny, some divinely elegant.  The famous Borowski Art Glass Studio is also featured here with Candleholder Ara in various colours; Candleholders King, Duke, Kiki, Maske, Frosche and Chick all absolutely stunningly gorgeous and all unique.  Lastly we have beautiful silver Candleholders from the German company Fink in their elegant designs of Torro and Gordon. 

You are spoilt for choice as our range is vast and varied.  You can buy your candleholders confidently knowing that your choice is stylish, chic and very fashionable and our online shop offers them at stunningly low prices.