Decorative Vases

Here you can choose from  Tom’s Drag Collection the Cache Pot, the High Greek Vase, the Greek Model vase, Tom’s Drag Planter, Tom’s Drag vase in either S, M or L, Tom’s Drag Cup and the Tom’s Drag Crystal collection of Vases in Round, Square or Rectangular.

If they are not to your liking we also have in this category the Borowski Studio collection of vases, which feature the Borowski ‘Animalia’ range with Dr. Lingua vase, Officer Ed vase, Captain Chita, Mayor Bud, the Red Neck vase and from the Borowski Studio Line and there is the Flower Pop vase in Lime Green, Amber and Blue, the Bloomer Vase in Red, Amber and Blue, the Borowski UHU vase in Purple and Olive, then we have the Pingu Tall vase, the Aqua vase, the Chick vase, Kiwi vase and the magnificent Angus vase.

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