Serving cutlery

This is a separate category which is dedicated to implements designed for serving food and here you will find the German company Berghoff Hotel Line Serving Tong/Spoon which has been manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel and designed to be user friendly.  This particular Tong/Spoon is favoured by professional chefs and cooks worldwide as it has a dual use doubling up to enable the user to serve the food and then use the spoon part to add liquid. 

We also have the Berghoff Hotel Line Serving Tong/Spoon Duo Oval which again is manufactured using the same high quality stainless steel and has also proved to be a favourite of professional chefs and cooks.  The choice is simply a matter of taste. 

Either of these two Serving Tongs will give you a lifetime of service and you will find that they become indispensible tools both in cooking and for serving your food. 

You can make your selection and buy in our online shop where our low level prices will guarantee your satisfaction.