Our ONLINE SHOP has a superb collection of tableware.  We have the most gorgeous array from Tom’s Drag Collection all hand painted in the famous Harlequin colours which Tom’s Drag Collection is universally famous for.   Acrobat candle holders in various elegant poses; hand-painted crystal vases in exotic colours;

Tom’s Drag table light, candle-sticks, a quirky cat bowl and a crazy frog bowl, crystal plate/bowls, bowls in Tom’s Baroque style, an Octopussy candelabra to name but a few from this amazing collection.  We can offer you an elegant Bugatti toast rack in their amazing contemporary style plus their Decorative Trays.  Choose from Joseph-Joseph work top savers, salt and pepper sets, salad bowls; Cristel flan tins and Berghoff salt and pepper sets (electric and manual) plus trays and oil/cruet sets and Ruffoni’s fabulous Copper Risotto dish. 

Buy everything you need to grace your table at our ONLINE SHOP at amazing prices.