Our collection of bowls for your table are second to none.  All of the bowls shown in this section are guaranteed to bring style, class and a definitive taste to your dining table.  We will delight you with our selection from the famous Tom Hoffman’s Tom’s Drag Studio where we offer you the crazy Cat Figure Bowl, the funky Frog Bowl, the very elegant Baroque Bowl, Tom’s Green Bowl and Blue Bowl, the Santa Monica Bowl, Springtime Bowl, the elegant Greek bowl and from the Tom’s Drag Crystal Collection we have the Round Plate Bowl.  

All  the  bowls are available in various sizes from small through to extra large so you can make your choice dependant upon the size of your table.  The Tom’s Drag bowls are all unique pieces of art in that they have been hand finished and hand painted using the highest quality paints which adhere to the European Safety Standards. 

They are a riot of colour, each bearing the famous Tom’s Drag harlequin black and white chequers plus the Tom’s Drag logo.  Browse this category carefully because you are spoilt for choice!  Buy your bowl from our online shop where we have tailored our prices to suit your pocket.