Frying Pans & Skillets

We all know how important it is to own a sturdy, efficient Frying Pan.  The Frying Pan is probably one of the most used pieces of cookware in any household and we have an eye-watering selection for you to choose from.  We have tried to provide a range of frying pans that cover every possible wish-list you may have so Happy Shopping! 

You will find a comprehensive range from the German company Berghoff who have many ranges to offer – the covered Deep Skillet Neo; Deep Skillet Virgo; the cast Deep Skillet Aurigo with removable handles; aluminium Virgo with a glass lid; and  Virgo with double handles.  We have the Italian company Ruffoni’s Frying Pan Opus Prima; Cupra; Protagonista; Copper Frying Pan Opera; Protagonista and Historia.  The French company Cristel’s range is legendary and you can choose from Frying Pan Mutine (with removable handles);  Stainless Steel Classic;  Non-stick Classic;  Oval Non-stick; Crepe pan; Strate Fix range; Excalibur; Casteline and Ceram’in to list but a few. 

There are so many for you to choose from and in various sizes so please read our information, make your choice and you will be able to buy in confidence from our online shop at our amazing prices.