Our ONLINE SHOP’s knife collection is, without doubt, second-to-none.  We carry the very high quality Wusthof range which is renowned for manufacturing knives with outstanding sharpness and precision plus if the sharpness is maintained by the owner these high quality implements will stand a lifetime of use.  

We have Wusthof’s filleting knives, bread cutting knives, vegetable knives, steak knives, the Classic Japanese knife set, Silverpoint Knife block etc. etc.  You will also find our range of knives by KAI a Japanese company renowned throughout the culinary world for its precision knives.  Each knife is hand-honed, perfectly balanced and a work-of-art. There are various knives and knife sets by Berghoff and you will also find here knife blocks and chopping boards from the Joseph-Joseph contemporary range.   Shop at our ONLINE SHOP where prices count in your favour.