Prepare to be stunned by our superb collection of outdoor lighting!  We have lights and lighting sculptures such as you have never seen before.  Our Outdoor Lighting category carries fabulous lighting sculptures from the world famous Art Glass Studio Borowski where you will see, in various sizes, the magnificent Chameo Outdoor Light Object; cute Croco, adorable Armadillo, the crazy Crow, Leaf Object, the perfect Peacock, beautiful Bird, fantastic Froggy, pretty Pig, Crusty crab; Big Gonzo and Small Gonzo, Fat Gonzo, Kiwi, hedgehog Spike and Turkey.  Borowski Outdoor Objects will add a whole new aspect to your terrace or your garden and they are available in a variety of colours and sizes.  

Each lighting sculpture is quirky, adorable and hand finished making your choice very unique indeed.  We guarantee that your garden will be the talking point of your neighbours and your friends.  In this category you will also find a Cristel Romane Light Complement which is a more traditional type of Outdoor Light plus the elegant Fink Nevis Torch and the Fink Fogo stainless steel Torch. 

Browse through our Outdoor Lighting category and buy your heart’s desire from our online shop at our very desirable prices.

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